Lucille Threader Earrings in Gold

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A pair of asymmetrical light summer threaders you'll live in. The Lucille Threaders boast a single freshwater pearl on one threader, and and a teeny nautilus on the other. Finished in high-polish gold.

Note: As a result of the natural quality of pearls, you may notice variations in color and shape, which is entirely normal and reflects the unique characteristics of each element.


14k gold dipped brass
freshwater pearls
finish: high polish

product measurements:
chain width: 1mm / 0.04"
pearl threader -
length: 86mm / 3.38"
width: 5.9mm / 0.23''
depth: 6mm / 0.23"
approx. pearl length: 8mm / 0.31"
approx. pearl width: 6mm / 0.23"
weight: 0.64g / 0.02oz
nautilus threader -
length: 86mm / 3.38"
width: 6.35mm / 0.25"
depth: 3.3mm / 0.13"
nautilus charm length: 10mm / 0.39"
nautilus charm width: 6.3mm / 0.25"
weight: 1.02g / 0.03oz