Two Peas in a Pod Ornament

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Two Peas in a Pod Ornament by Old World Christmas.

When two people get along really well and always seem to be by each other side, or if they just have lots of similarities, they are said to be like two peas in a pod. This cute little whimsical glass ornament has special significance for best friends, twins, or couples in love.

  • Glass
  • 4.5 X 1.25 X 1.5
  • by Old World Christmas

About the Brand

Old World Christmas is the premier brand of Christmas ornaments in the country, based out of Spokane, WA. Tim and Beth Merck reintroduced these figurative designs to the United States in 1979. As a couple who shared a special love for Christmas, Tim & Beth revitalized the art of mouth-blown fine glass ornaments.