Bkr Ethereal Garden Straws 16oz - Set of 3

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Our custom 500ml Soft Silicone Straws (Set of Three) have been designed especially for your 500ml bkrs and fit into our bkr 250/500ml Straw Cap. To use, just screw the Straw Cap onto the bottle, then insert the straw through the clear silicone valve. The straws come in a package of three and are available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1L, just the right size for each bkr. They aren’t too narrow or too wide, they’re angled for easy sipping, and like everything we make they’re super cute and dishwasher safe.

*Haven is a sheer mint seaglass. *James is an opaque soft sage green. *Aspen is an sage green. ach