What's a Moonpenny?
A Moonpenny is a type of daisy that blooms at the beginning of summer! We love flowers, and wanted our store to have a floral name. 

Are you a chain store?
We get this a lot and take it as a compliment! But no, this is our first and only store. 

I don't live in Chelan, do you ship?
Yes! Our website is a fully functioning online store, featuring all the same products as in-store, except for a small handful of in-store only items. We ship anywhere in the US for a $5 flat rate, as well as international for a $20 flat rate.  

Can I pay for an item, and pick it up in-store at a later time?
Yes you can! You will see in our checkout that we have an 'In-Store Pickup' option. Simply add your items to your cart, and select this instead of shipping. We will fulfill your order and have it waiting for you in-store. 

What items are in-store only? Why?
Currently, the following items are available in-store only: Estelle Colored Glass stemmed wine glasses & cake stands, Valley Cruise Press blankets, The Floral Society 18" taper candles, and Medina Mercantile baskets. This is due to either a specific arrangement with the brand, or due to the product's fragile nature. 

The item I want is sold out, are you getting more?
We try to restock our sold out inventory as soon as we can! Feel free to leave your email in the 'Email When Available' section, located under the product's description. You will be notified as soon as this item is back! If you would like a more specific restock date for a certain item, email info@moonpennyshop.com.  

Is everything in store your own brand, or other brands too? 
We design and produce our own brand of clothing and accessories, but also stock an assortment of jewelry, homewares, decor and gifts from our favorite brands. We have brands from makers all over the globe, such as Australia, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Northern Ireland, and across the US. 

I would love to have my brand in Moonpenny, or have a collaboration! How can I make that happen?
We are so flattered! We get a lot of inquiries by talented makers and artisans to collaborate or have their products stocked in Moonpenny. If you feel like you have something fresh, unique, and on brand, we would love to see! Email info@moonpennyshop.com.

I have a special request or other question, how can I contact you?
No worries! Email info@moonpennyshop.com