Bkr Cotton Candy Demi Straws 16oz - Set of 3

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Cotton Candy Demi Cup Straws (1 each in Foof, Tutu, and Paris) Silicone Straws Our Demi Cup Straws (set of three) have been designed for your 16 oz cup.

These straws are straight with a slightly angled bottom so it won’t seal. They can be inserted right into the cup cap opening for easy sipping. The straws come in a package of three and are available in 12 oz and 16 oz size. They come in cute matching colors and have that perfect width and soft firmness you’ve come to expect from this team of perfectionists. And, of course they are dishwasher safe.

Set of Three (3) includes 1 of each: *Foof - sheer misty lilac *Tutu - opaque ballet pale peachy pink *Paris - sheer whispering peach