Mother Space Mist 100ml

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About this product

Australian Buddhawood, Sandalwood + Blue Cypress Grounding Australian natives to connect us back with mother earth, our greatest teacher & healer. Rich, resinous notes of buddhawood & sandalwood with complex notes of wood & smoke from blue cypress. AROMATHERAPEUTIC & RITUAL USES Grounding, nurturing, sensuality, expanded spiritual awareness Shake bottle & spray on yourself, your furniture, bedding, clothing & throughout your home, take a deep breath & relax. This glass bottle can be refilled with water & 30 - 50 drops of our Mother essential oil blend or your oils of choice.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 100ml Glass amber bottle.

About Happy Society

Happy Society is a collection of natural fragrances and herbal blends to encourage positive, healthy daily rituals. We think it's important to take the time to slow down & create a peaceful space wherever you may be. We use our knowledge of herbs, aromatherapy and the detailed craft of perfumery to create a unique range of essential oil & herbal blends using only natural ingredients to connect you with the natural world. Our products are lovingly and carefully blended by hand in our studio located in Geelong, Australia using ingredients sourced locally and from fair trade communities around the world.