Livia Necklace | Gold

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Product Description

We often hear about the Roman Emperors, but much less frequently do we hear about the Roman Empresses who were married to them. Livia Drusilla became the 3rd and final wife of Emperor Augustus of the Roman Empire. Despite the patriarchal society she was born into, Livia used her wits, inner-strength and beauty to establish a dynasty. Livia was so revered, that after her death she was named a goddess in her own right: Diva Augusta.

The Livia Necklace in 18k Polished Gold Vermeil is an ode to the will power, strength and beauty of this incredible woman. 

LENGTH: 38cm + 10cm extension

WEIGHT: 28.10g

About the Brand

Temple of the Sun Jewelry draws on a deep appreciation for both ancient European symbology and contemporary design to craft styles that are at once desirable, timeless, and unique. Founded in 2014 and based in Byron Bay; a vibrant cultural hub on Australia's most easterly point, the brand makes its mark in the visual space with campaigns featuring the jewelry on the lush landscapes of beautiful local beaches.