La Plage Scented Water

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An ingenious formulation by Maison Balzac's perfumer, Rebecca. She created an eau de toilette which is also a room spray and a linen spray. In a space, La Plage tells the fragrance of a summer in the sun.

Translated from the ‘The Beach’, La Plage is built on an olfactive pyramid of bergamot, lemon and green leaf to conjure fresh scents reminiscent of an Australian summer. Fresh, natural and warm, the fragrance harness femininity, nature and individuality in the underlying notes of star jasmine, murraya and vetiver.

  • Olfactive notes: Bergamot, Lemon & Green Leaf

    About the Brand

    Maison Balzac is a collection of perfumed candles and stunning delicate glass objects created in Sydney, Australia. Each piece is developed as an ode to memories from founder Elise Pioch's childhood in the South of France. From her experience working in fashion in Paris and Sydney, Elise sought to create a range that was both nostalgic and sentimental. Working with makers and perfumers in Australia, France, Japan and Mongolia she has created a range of signature objects that evoke olfactive memories or experiences.