FLWR Hoops by APSE


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The petals danced on your cheek

Aglow that afternoon in the sun

My word, I couldn’t find

You must have hooked my sorrow

Locked it away undersea

  • 3/4”
  • 14k Goldfill Hoops
  • Mother of Pearl Flower Pendants
  • Handmade in Bellingham, WA

                    About the Brand

                    Apse (or All Peoples Shackles Exchanged) are an ethically and socially conscious demi and fine jewelry brand based in Bellingham, WA.

                    Every stunning piece is designed and handcrafted in their Washington studio, made to poetically embrace and affirm who you are now, who you are becoming, and what sets you apart. Classic, stylish, and gorgeous for every day wear, a piece from Apse is not only a sound sartorial investment, but an investment in helping their mission to end modern day slavery.


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